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NUTRICON 2016, состоится в Скопье, Республика Македония с 01 до 02 декабря 2016 года. NUTRICON 2016 посвящается: качество и безопасность пищевых продуктов, здоровье и питание (см.:

The feed phosphate market is suffering due to the influx of substitutes

The feed phosphate market is suffering due to the influx of substitutes
The market for inorganic feed phosphates today suffers from a number of problems including overcapacity, low demand for feed, as well as a large number of substitutes, says the report of the British consulting company CRU.

According to experts, they had to adjust its forecast from 2012, in which they predicted the global market for feed phosphates rapid growth. According to new data today, the price of this product is approximately $400 per 1 ton, and most likely it will last at this level in the next five years.
For comparison: in 2012 the price was $490 for 1 ton, and most analysts were convinced that in the coming years, the market price is more likely to rise than to fall. Current trends in the market is largely formed under the influence of China, the largest consumer of feed phosphates in the world.

For several years there entered a considerable number of plants producing this type of product. As a result of internal competition and attempts to dump Chinese manufacturers largely influenced the decline in the global price of phosphates.

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The main country-exporters reduced shipments of soybeans by 21%

In September 2016, shipments of soybeans from major exporting countries fell by 20.8% to 6.44 million tons (of 7.78 million tonnes in September 2015 ). About it reports "APK-inform" with reference to Oil World.

According to the report, shipments of soybeans from Brazil in September 2016 was 1.44 million t (3.71 million tonnes in September 2015), which was the lowest figure for September since 2000 Exports from Argentina declined to 0.93 million tonnes (1.4 million tonnes). In turn, exports from the United States rose to 3.66 million tons (2.35 million tons).

The decrease in the supply of soybeans observed in the direction of China, which reduced purchases by 20%, from 5.17 million tons to 4.12 million tonnes.

It is noted that for the fourth quarter of 2015/16 soybean exports of key countries was 26,71 million tonnes against 27,54 million tonnes a year earlier. The supply of soybeans from the United States during the period under review increased to 10.5 million tons (+128%).

Ukraine in 2015/16 exported soybeans at $809 million.
Source: Agribusiness 2015.

"D-Mix" put into operation a plant for processing of oilseeds

"D-Mix" put into operation a plant for processing of oilseeds
A new plant for processing of oilseeds at the company OOO "D-Mix" has launched Helicis in the village of Zolochiv district in Lviv region. The plant will process 50 thousand tons of oilseeds per year. Its planned turnover of 550 million UAH. for the year, reported the press service of the Lviv regional state administration.

The founder of the "D-Mix" Fedor Shopska stressed that the company will not rest on our laurels and continue razvivaetsya.

They also intend to build a new plant for deep processing of poultry meat, to build a line of packaging of products and other", ‒ he added.

Reference: Company "D-Mix produces a wide range of feed for farm animals, engaged in the cultivation and breeding of poultry, provides cleaning, drying and storage of crops at the Elevator complex processes sunflowers, canola and soybeans.

On materials: Press-service of Lviv regional state administration

International scientific-practical conference

"Food technology, bakery foods and animal feed"
From 13 to 17 September 2016
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