Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s

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Association "Union kormovyrobnykiv Ukraine"

Association of "Union ptytsevodov Ukraine» javljaetsja dobrovolnыm obъedynenyem otechestvennыh enterprises, industry and producer of ptytsevodcheskoy ymeet status neprybыlnoy organization.
Activities aimed at the Association of Collaboration with authorities power to obschehosudarstvennom Gosudarstvennoye level. In particular, Specialists of association prynymayut aktyvnoe part in the development and prodvyzhenyy hosudarstvennыh industry development programs, development hosudarstvennыh standartov, tehnycheskyh rehlamentov in the field of animal husbandry and ptytsevodstva, analysis and the preparation of projects and podzakonnыh zakonodatelnыh acts.

Association "Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine"

Association "Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine" is a voluntary association of manufacturers of domestic poultry industry and has the status of a non-profit organization.
The Association aims to cooperate with public authorities at the national level. In particular, experts associations are actively involved in the development and promotion of the state programs of industry development, the development of national standards and technical regulations in the field of livestock and poultry, analysis and preparation of draft laws and regulations.

Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

Scientific and training center for training personnel for the food and processing industry.

Scientific and technical library of the Odessa national Academy of food technologies

The activities of scientific and technical libraries annually Academy aims to ensure its conformity with the type library innovation by improving the quality of information and bibliographic service users.

Van Aarsen International B.V.

When high quality equipment is the key to your success.
When even the smallest detail can make a big difference.
And when a single machine or component must be the strongest link in the feed production chain. Then Van Aarsen is your vital link!

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