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"D-Mix" put into operation a plant for processing of oilseeds

"D-Mix" put into operation a plant for processing of oilseeds
A new plant for processing of oilseeds at the company OOO "D-Mix" has launched Helicis in the village of Zolochiv district in Lviv region. The plant will process 50 thousand tons of oilseeds per year. Its planned turnover of 550 million UAH. for the year, reported the press service of the Lviv regional state administration.

The founder of the "D-Mix" Fedor Shopska stressed that the company will not rest on our laurels and continue razvivaetsya.

They also intend to build a new plant for deep processing of poultry meat, to build a line of packaging of products and other", ‒ he added.

Reference: Company "D-Mix produces a wide range of feed for farm animals, engaged in the cultivation and breeding of poultry, provides cleaning, drying and storage of crops at the Elevator complex processes sunflowers, canola and soybeans.

On materials: Press-service of Lviv regional state administration

International scientific-practical conference

"Food technology, bakery foods and animal feed"
From 13 to 17 September 2016
Odessa national Academy of food technologies

The rapeseed crop in Ukraine 500 thousand tons less than last year

The rapeseed crop in Ukraine in 2016 amounted to 1.1 million tons against 1.6 million tons a year earlier.
About it, according to preliminary estimates of the Association "Ukroliyaprom" writes "APK-inform".

Note that in the past MG processing of rapeseed was doing 10 plants.

In addition, in 2015/16 in Ukraine was redesigned 300 thousand tons of rapeseed, produced about 150 thousand tons of rapeseed oil, of which 142 thousand tons is exported.

"Today, the industry shows stable growth, our strategic is to increase the processing of rapeseed, soybean and flax," — noted in the Association.
Furthermore, in 2015/16 Ukrainian enterprises increased processing of flax in two times — up to 30 thousand tons.

Named the largest processors of oilseeds in 2015/16

In July 2015/16 the processing volumes of sunflower decreased by more than a third compared to the previous month.

The leading place among the largest processors of sunflower continues to occupy the company "kernel". The share of agricultural holdings account for 27% of crude production and 19.4% production of refined sunflower oil by results of the October-July 2015/16.

The market feeds of Australia preparing for a better year

The market feeds Australia can survive a very good year, if current forecasts for the wheat harvest is justified, experts say the consulting firm Mecardo. According to analysts, in the 2016/17 year's harvest will be comparable with the index of 2011/12, when it was a record for all time of conducting statistics surveys - 29.5 million tonnes. According to experts, this season he is likely to be about 28 million tons.

Already a favorable Outlook for the crop has led to lower prices, causing the cost per ton is 262 dollars, compared with 294 in the dollar as at the same date last year. This ensures a good year, producers of animal feed, analysts say, because the cost of the main components is at a record low.

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In Ukraine started harvesting corn

In Ukraine as of 26 August began harvesting corn. Grain was threshed on 3 thousand hectares, collected 8 thousand tons with an average yield of 33.2 C/ha, reported the press service of the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine.
According to the report, grains and pulses throughout the areas of 9.87 million hectares (68% of the forecast). With a yield of 39.1 t/ha produced 38.2 million tons of grain, which exceeds the figure by the reporting date in the previous year (37 million tons).
In particular, buckwheat was threshed by 46 thousand hectares (31%), gathered 60 thousand tons with a yield of 12.9 C/ha (in 2015 and 12.3 t/ha). Millet harvested at 47 thousand hectares (46%), and produced 87 thousand tons with a yield of 18.4 (19.7 in) kg/ha.
Sunflower by the reporting date removed 37 thousand hectares harvested 71 thousand tons with a yield of 18.9 C/ha.
In parallel with the harvest, farmers continue sowing of winter rape. By the reporting date sown oilseed 419 thousand hectares, or 58% of the forecast (2015 – 185 thousand hectares).
-Ministry of agrarian policy