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In Ukraine during the year none of the livestock sector has not shown growth

At the period W KVT 1 2015 year 2016 1 quinia rock on all branches of tvarynnytstvo waboose saracena. Ldera decline was Bucharest. In Ukraine pomeshalo Ovary KS 4.5%, ptic — 4.2% ,of CATTLE by 3.2%, pigs — by 2.6%.

About TSE according to data on production and aprilynne state statistics service of Ukraine without rahwana tymczasowo kupowane territor AR Krim, m. The Sebastopol of Zoni dates antiteroristicka operas.

Mill 1 quinia 2016 rock pagolu I VRH in Ukraine scorotron of 3.2% to 4.2 million today, in fact CISL 2.2 million corv, that is 3.9% less than Bulo quinia 2015 at 1 year.
Nictotine saracennia for STI period waboose by VRH in Donetsk region (-24%) to 76,5 district tees. For which amounts saracennia pagolu I carv Ter ldir donechchina. There is 1 quinia 2016 rock shave of 39.4 thousand. corv, that is 17.7% less than Bulo mill quinia 2015 at 1 year. Nails prirosty pagolu I shave at VRH region Vinitsky — tees 324,3. today, I CE (+2,9%) to pokaznikiv 2015 year. Pagolu I KORV nipote tbilisias in Poltava (+0,5%) to of 132.3 thousand. goal.
I pagolu pigs in Ukraine scorotron of 2.6% to 7.3 million today. Nictotine vono on safaa Summin (-10,5%) to 143,3 thousand. district. Nipoti print for ukazani period vdbase on Wolin (+7.7 per cent) to 316,7 tees. district.

Pagolu I ovary cs STI for the period in Ukraine Tensilica 4.5% to 1.6 million Nipote vono on Dinechin waboose (-23,7%) to 45.3 thousand. district. The region nistha growth was Valine (+5,8%) to 18.1 thousand. district.

Also I STI period extras shave saracennia pagolu I ptic. , chiseling of skorties 4.2% to 186 million today. Nails saracennia pagolu I ptic waboose at gospodarstwo Hermansen (-52,2%) to 7.8 million today. At the same time on Runnin pagolu I ptic tbilisias by 8.5% to 6.6 million

In 2016 Ukraine will remain among the eight largest exporters of chicken

In the international trade of livestock products, Ukraine is not losing its strong position on the market of poultry meat. Experts suggest that the results in 2016 the country will be among the eight largest exporters of chicken meat.

As of 1 February 2016, Ukrainian companies have already used 100% of quota for the supply of poultry meat to the EU. At the same time significantly increasing the demand for Ukrainian exports of cattle, particularly from buyers from the Middle East, North Africa and CIS.

"In the short term, the greatest growth is expected in the segment of poultry meat due to increase in domestic consumption of chicken meat and strong positions of Ukraine in international markets. Along with this production growth will be limited by the unavailability of forage due to low yields of corn and wheat," analysts predict.

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Exports of Ukrainian grain amounted to more than 31 million tons

"Today, the actual volumes of grain exports amount to 30,520 million tons, of which: wheat - 12,883 million tons; corn - 13,407 million tons; barley - 4,044 million tons and other grains - 186 thousand tons", - reported the Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Alex Pavlenko.

The Minister also noted that only loaded on vessel 496 thousand tons of grain. Thus, volumes of exported and prepared for grain export amount to 31,016 million tons. Including wheat - 13,030 million tons, barley - 4,060 million tons and corn - 13,740 million tons.

"Let me remind you that last year exported nearly 35 million tons of grain. The sum of total exports of all agricultural products amounted to 14.8 billion. The US, which allowed us to obtain the biggest for years of independence a positive balance of 11 billion USD", - said the Minister Alexey Pavlenko.

The European Commission plans to update the feed legislation

The European Commission has confirmed its intention to adopt a new Directive in the use of feed additives. The new Directive should be adopted instead of the existing number 429/2008, which was approved eight years ago, and which, in the opinion of the authorities, has already been exhausted. However, manufacturers urged regulators to be cautious when reforming existing legislation, because any sudden moves could lead to unpredictable consequences.

According to Frederick Standart (Diederik Standaert), the representative of the Director-General of Belgium on animals, plants and food, currently the text of the new document is being developed by the European Agency on control over safety of food products (EFSA), and after completion of trial it was submitted to the European Commission and will be available for public consultation. It is expected that the final text will be agreed until the end of 2016 or even early 2017.

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Granulation and milling to improve efficiency of feeding

Pelleted and ground foods can greatly enhance the production performance of the pig industry – to this somewhat obvious conclusion in his new study of American scientists from the University of Kansas.

According to a comprehensive study, reducing the size of parts of feed for every 100 microns improves feed efficiency by 1%, which corresponds to the economic efficiency of 0.7 – 0.9 USD per pig on an average farm in the United States.

On average, the use of modern methods of granulation also showed serious improvement in operational performance. The conversion rate in this case is increased by 4-6%, while the weights - up to 4% granular feed.

Scientists say that the most promising technique is the fine grinding of feed before pelleting. Until today that few people apply such technology, however, preliminary tests show that it can significantly improve the economic efficiency of pig farms.

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