The sunflower significantly rose in price

The prices of sunflower for the last two weeks considerably grew. If a week before last increase in prices made 400 UAH/t, on last — already 400-500 UAH/t on terms of delivery an EXW elevator and SRT-port. About it is reported it is told in the review published by the Agrarian union of Ukraine.

As of February 3 of the price on terms of delivery the EXW elevator was reached by 10000-10200 UAH/t, and SRT-port — 10200-10500 UAH/t.
As experts explain, such tendency is caused as internal factors (depreciation to hryvnia), and external (increase in prices in the market of sunflower oil). In turn increase in prices for sunflower oil happens under the influence of increase in the prices of palm-oil and insignificant restoration of prices of oil. Besides, Malaysian council predicts further increase in prices for palm-oil because of reduction in production expectations.

Seminar "Scheme of certification of forages of GMP+: calls and opportunities for the Ukrainian companies"

On February 11 2016goda on vystavkeagroanimalshow in Kiev, the GMP+ International company provoditivezhegodnyyseminar, on a kotoryypriglashayutsyapredstaviteliukrainsk, GMP+ the certified companies, consultants and auditors, representatives of profile institutes and organizations, the Ministries of an agrarian policy of Ukraine, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, mass media and all interested in safety of forages.
Address: Kiev, Salyutnaya 2B St., "KIEVEKSPOPLAZA", павильон№3, conference room No. 4

ІІ international seminar: "Ways of ensuring high profitability of poultry farming"

AGRO ANIMAL SHOW on February 12, 2016, exhibition center "Kiyevekspoplaza", Salyutnaya St. 2b,
conference room No. 2, р.№3, 09.30-14.00

Оbtained a subscription index in Ukrpochty 91963

Subscription index in the catalog Ukrpost 91963

Production Company 'Сombico'

In 2000, the State Committee of Information Policy, Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine Odessa State Academy of Food Technologies registered a new theoretical and practical journal 'Cereal products and animal feed' (Certificate: Series HF №12576-1460R). In 2001, already published three issues of the magazine. Frequency - once a quarter. Publisher - Scientific and Production Company 'combico'.

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